Discussions of TPF often involve a variety of medical and informal abbreviations and acronyms. [If editing, ensure the acronyms are internal wiki links, even if no page yet exists for that link.]

  • Fib - Fibula. The minor bone of the lower leg, behind (posterior) and outside (lateral) of the tibia.
  • FX - Fracture (of bone).
  • NWB - Non Weight Bearing. A doctor's instruction to avoid placing any weight on the injured leg.
  • OS - Operating Surgeon. The surgeon who performed the original repair.
  • PT - Physical Therapist.
  • PWB - Partial Weight Bearing. A doctor will generally specify a percentage of body weight which can be placed on the injured leg. The leg can be "calibrated" using a bathroom scale, to get a sense of how that amount of weight feels. Walking without any crutch generally requires 100% weight bearing. By comparison, high-impact sports activities may involved momentary loads up to 500% of body weight.
  • Tib - Tibia (shin) bone.
  • TPF - Tibial Plateau Fracture